Prakash Arullampalam

MD-PhD Student

I study calcium-activated nonselective cation channels, situated in cardiomyocyte, that support important cellular response such as cardiac rhythmicity.

Channelopathies are diseases caused by dysfunctional ion channels. Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 4 (TRPM4) is involved in many calcium-mediated cell functions and its pathological variants in TRPM4 gene have been linked to several cardiac perturbations. However, the physiological role of TRPM4 in cardiac electrical activity still remains unclear. My focus lies on explaining the physiologic roles of TRPM4 in the cardiac conduction system.

After finishing my MD-PhD program, I am planning to become a cardiologist at a Swiss University Hospital. I am convinced that my deep understanding of molecular cardiac pathologies will help me to optimally take care of patients.


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