Daniela Ross-Kaschitza

Research Scientist

I joined Abriel’s group in January 2018 and I am currently working as a scientific research assistant on the investigation of ion channel

expression and regulation, as well as channel-channel interactions.

My projects mainly include protein biochemical, molecular biological, but also cell biological or analytical methods, such as a) transcript and protein expression studies (RT-qPCR, Western Blot, biotinylation assay) of variants expressed in HEK293 or CHO cells or of endogenous proteins from isolated murine cardiomyocytes; b) protein-protein interaction studies (Co-IP, Proximity Ligation Assays); c) investigations of tagged protein expression and purification for subsequent CryoEM studies, in collaboration with the EPFL Lausanne and University of Basel; and d) analysis of novel small-molecule modulators on ion channel total or surface expression, in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, Bern.

Prior, during and after my PhD graduation in the group of Prof. Michael Altmann (IBMM, University of Bern), I was interested in deciphering the molecular mechanisms of translation initiation from mRNAs to proteins.

In my spare time I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors: strolling through the woods, hiking or gardening, always with the camera in my hands to capture any beautiful moments.


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On the Web

Email: daniela.ross@ibmm.unibe.ch

Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

(ORCID 0000-0003-1367-0671)