Jean-Sébastien Rougier

Group Co-PI

I am investigating the role of ion channels linked to heart disorders. I mainly focus on one ion channel, the calcium channel Cav1.2.

During my scientific carrier started in 2002, I have investigated different aspects of several important cardiac ion channels involved in the generation of the cardiac action potential, with a strong focus on Nav1.5 and Cav1.2. We have shown the Nedd4-dependent negative regulation of Nav1.5 and Cav1.2 channels. In addition, we also demonstrated that the counterpart of Nedd4-1, USP2-45, regulated Cav1.2 channel. We have highlighted the regulation of Nav1.5 channel via the syntrophin/dystrophin/utrophin complex in mouse ventricular cardiomyocytes. We reported also the regulation of cardiac Ca2+ and Na+ currents by mineralo- and glucocorticoids and the implication of the mutated auxiliary subunit of Cav channel, Cavα21, in a new type of cardiac pathology: The short QT syndrome type 6 (SQT6). Finally, we reported the role in vivo of different members of the Membrane-Associated GUanylate Kinase (MAGUK) family: the Synapse-Associated Protein-97 (SAP-97) and the Calcium/calmodulin-dependent Serine protein Kinase (CASK) into the regulation of the voltage gated sodium channel Nav1.5.

For the future, I plan on investigating voltage-gated calcium channel and the role of its auxiliary subunits.


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Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

(ORCID 0000-0002-8710-0260)


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