Kevin Rupp

Administrative Coordinator

Since 2015, I enjoy working as secretary of the directorate at the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (IBMM) and provide secretarial services to various research groups.

Supporting Prof. Abriel and his lab members in their academic work by taking care of the research secretariat which includes various correspondence, finances, scheduling and travel organization. Administration of research and institutional resources. Organizing scientific events from individual meetings, lectures and seminaries up to international conferences with 200 participants.

Starting my professional career in banking, moving onto the health-care sector as head of the secretariat, I lived for several years in Africa, where I worked mainly with deaf people and volunteers, using and teaching sign language.

I enjoy my function and ongoing training in the fire brigade, treasure my social engagement and provide pastoral services for refugees and immigrants. Hiking or skiing in the Swiss mountains, swimming in the Aare river or diving the oceans provide the needed work-life-balance.

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