Lipsa Rani Panda

PhD Student

I am a PhD student at the University of Bern, working in Abriel’s lab on a project funded by the SNSF. My Master’s degree in Molecular Biology focused on producing recombinant proteins to target cardiac ion channels.

In my PhD, I am focusing on understanding how Nav1.5 interacts with itself and other cardiac ion channels like TRPM4 and the factors that determine their co-regulation and dimerization. To do this, I will use molecular and cell biology techniques and conduct single-channel electrophysiological recordings to study the Na+ channels.

I love painting, visiting museums and exploring new places in my free time.


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Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

ORCiD- 0000-0001-7113-1794


Borrego J, Naseem MU, Sehgal ANA, Panda LR, Shakeel K, Gaspar A, Nagy C, Varga Z, Panyi G. Recombinant Expression in Pichia pastoris System of Three Potent Kv1.3 Channel Blockers: Vm24, Anuroctoxin, and Ts6. MDPI, Journal of Fungi. 2022; 8(11):1215.