Anne-Flore Hämmerli

Lab Technician

The thing I love about my job as a lab technician is that there is always so much to learn…

After spending time working in the highly interesting world of cancer research and in dental regenerative field, I am back to my first love: the intriguing world of cardiac ion channels! Trying to understand their precise localization in various cell types, finding their binding partners, understanding how mutation linked to various diseases affect them and may affect their localization/stability/structure is a constant rewarding challenge!

The thing I love about my job as a lab technician is that there is always so much to learn: new techniques but also always new projects to work on, new collaborations. I particularly enjoy teaching students, you constantly meet new people from all around the world and all this together makes you grow all the time. There is never a boring routine!

When not in the lab, I love crafting, hiking, or going for a treasure hunt in the forest with my family and reading, reading and reading!

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Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine


 ⃰  All these papers were published under my maiden name: Zmoos Anne-Flore.

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